djX-ite Biography & Profile


djX-ite started out in life as Blackpool born and raised Adam Milton-Barker. An accidental mix whilst transitioning between Prodigy Poison (LP) and a track off the Carl Cox F.A.C.T album (CD) sparked Adam's interest in DJing. With an Aiwa stereo where CD and Phono were on the same channel, Adam performed his first mix in his bedroom in the early 90's in front of his friends, this setup was how Adam learnt how to mix.

Over the following years Adam built all sorts of DJ setups out of separates he had around the house and parts from second hand stores before getting his first decks, SoundLab DLP1600 belt drive decks with no mixer. This was when Adam painstakingly began to learn how to scratch on belt drive decks. In the late 90's when Adam was writing his record of achievement, he wrote how he was going to be a famous DJ.

The name djX-ite was given to Adam by a group of friends who used to hang out in "Al's Attic" in Poulton in the 90's. The group used to hang out in the attic and DJ Happy Hardcore, the name was given to Adam as he always used to play his records faster than normal.

In 1999 Adam moved from belt drive to direct drive with the Numark TT1 direct drive decks. The TT1's were suppose to be better than 1210's, on this advice they were purchased. TT1's were not better than 1210's but they did have LCD displays, a cool reverse feature and 78 RPM. By this time, around 2000, Adam was DJing in the pubs and clubs of Poulton Le Flid & Blackpool.

Around 2003 Adam moved on to the almighty Technics 1210's. By this point Adam was DJing in Blackpool, organizing dance events, Battle of the DJs & motorbike comps, promoted using websites he had built. In 2004 the sunny shores and none stop party life of Benidorm in Spain were calling. Adam had built a clubbing forum in the UK with a community of DJs and clubbers around the northwest. Slowly the Bendidorm DJs/workers/locals and clubbers from both UK & Spain began using the forums which eventually grew to a popular clubbing forums, European-Anthemz. By this time Adam was DJing in Benidorm and running events with Northwest UK promoters like Maximes, Hypnotic, Bass2Bounce, EliteVinyl & Dance-Attack with Lennon's resident DJ of 13 years, DJ Mick until 2008 when Adam moved to Sweden.

After spending some time in Sweden, Adam returned to DJing and web design in Blackpool before heading back to Spain a few years later. In 2013 Adam returned to Spain permanently back in the clubs of the English Square and web design. In 2014 Adam gave up the DJing to focus on technology for a number of years, in 2017 Adam went back to DJing for a few months but after that continued to focus on technology.

In October 2019 Adam was given the opportunity by FK It & Hot FM's Frank Kennedy, to pick up the headphones and play on Hot FM Dance . Hot FM Dance is based in Dublin and has between 30,000 and 60,000 daily listeners online! You can find out about the shows on the Wednesday Oldskool Sessions & Saturday Dance Sessions pages.


Music Styles:

  • Modern House / Elektro
  • Hard House / High Energy Dance / Bounce
  • Dance & Trance
  • Italian (Synth & Piano)
  • Happy Hardcore / Hardcore
  • Hiphop / RnB / Funkimix

Radio Stations:

  • Hot FM Dance - Dublin/Online
  • Klubb Kix on All FM - Manchester
  • Underground Sound System - Manchester


Dance Events Organized:


  • Battle Of The DJs - Swans Bar - Blackpool, UK
  • Battle Of The DJs - Linekers - Blackpool, UK
  • Battle Of The DJs - Cahoots - Blackpool, UK
  • Battle Of The DJs - Schofields - Blackpool, UK


  • Dance Attack vs Espana - Lennons - Benidorm, Spain
  • Dance Attack vs Espana - Linekers - Benidorm, Spain
  • Flawless vs Espana 1 - Lennons - Benidorm, Spain
  • Flawless vs Espana 1 - Linekers - Benidorm, Spain
  • Flawless vs Espana 2 - Lennons - Benidorm, Spain
  • Flawless vs Espana 2 - Linekers - Benidorm, Spain
  • Elite Vinyl & Bass2Bounce vs Espana - Lennons - Benidorm, Spain
  • Elite Vinyl & Maximes vs Espana - Beachcomber - Benidorm, Spain
  • Elite Vinyl & Maximes vs Espana - Lennons - Benidorm, Spain
  • Elite Vinyl, Maximes & Hypnotic vs Espana - Beachcomber - Benidorm, Spain
  • Elite Vinyl, Maximes & Hypnotic vs Espana - Lennons - Benidorm, Spain
  • Meltdown vs Espana - Beachcomber - Benidorm, Spain


Residencies & Appearances:


  • Lawdys - Poulton, UK
  • Club L'Orange - Poulton, UK
  • The Residence - Poulton, UK
  • The Hub - Poulton, UK
  • Gallespies - Blackpool, UK
  • Browns/Andersons - Preston, UK
  • The Swans - Blackpool, UK
  • Linekers - Blackpool, UK
  • Boom Boom Room - Blackpool, UK
  • Too Hot To Handle Lapdancing Club - Blackpool, UK
  • Fallen Angels - Blackpool, UK
  • The Royal - Blackpool, UK
  • Cahoots - Blackpool, UK
  • Liquid Lounge - Blackpool, UK
  • K2 - Blackpool, UK
  • Schofields - Blackpool, UK
  • Koyoteez - Blackpool, UK
  • NTK - Blackpool, UK
  • Joya - St Annes, UK
  • The Syndicate - Blackpool, UK
  • Level 1 - Blackpool, UK
  • Bar 19 - Blackpool, UK


  • Lennons Disco Pub - Benidorm, Spain
  • Rockys - Benidorm, Spain
  • Hippodrome Disco - Benidorm, Spain
  • Linekers Fun Pub - Benidorm, Spain
  • Beachcomber Disco Pub - Benidorm, Spain
  • Hippodrome Underground - Benidorm, Spain
  • Silvers - Benidorm, Spain
  • Stardust - Benidorm, Spain
  • Queens Arms - Benidorm, Spain


  • Swigg Bartini's - Florida, USA


Promoters Worked Alongside:

  • Maximes - Wigan, UK
  • Hypnotic - Wigan, UK
  • Bass2Bounce - Wigan, UK
  • Dance Attack - Bolton, UK
  • Meltdown - Manchester, UK
  • Elite Vinyl - Wigan, UK