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djX-ite started out in life as Blackpool born and raised Adam Milton-Barker. An accidental mix whilst transitioning between Prodigy Poison (LP) and a track off the Carl Cox F.A.C.T album (CD) sparked Adam's interest in DJing. With an Aiwa stereo where CD and Phono were on the same channel, Adam performed his first mix in his bedroom in the early 90's in front of his friends, this setup was how Adam learnt how to mix.

Over the following years Adam built all sorts of DJ setups out of separates he had around the house and parts from second hand stores before getting his first decks, SoundLab DLP1600 belt drive decks with no mixer. This was when Adam painstakingly began to learn how to scratch on belt drive decks. In the late 90's when Adam was writing his record of achievement, he wrote how he was going to be a famous DJ.

The name djX-ite was given to Adam by a group of friends who used to hang out in "Al's Attic" in Poulton in the 90's. The group used to hang out in the attic and DJ Happy Hardcore, the name was given to Adam as he always used to play his records faster than normal.

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